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"Providing Premium Youth Sports Training and Event Services"

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    Our Features

    What makes us Unique? Why do athletes love it ?
    Highly Organized Training Athletes in 2015 need information quick, high paced and organized to enjoy it and retain it.
    Professional Coaching Being a former player does not make you a coach. Our coaches are proven in coaching and have studied the craft of coaching.
    Time Tested With over 2500 players and 12 years of program experience, we have shown growth and youth sports expertise.
    Non-Profit Organization Being a non-profit organization, we work for the community and the program must stay true to its intention in making an impact to the community through sports.

    Our Benefits

    What we do Why it's important
    Intimate Instruction Athletes learn best with small group instruction
    We measure all athletes You can't improve anything without measuring it
    We focus on footspeed, batspeed and arm speed training Every high level team you will tryout for will measure this first before you're on the team
    We encourage Failure The only way to grow is to push to failure and learn from it
    Winning is second to player development Tournament Trophies can't be taking into the next level but your development can

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    Coaches Blog

    Here is what our Customers say....

    "After just one hitting lesson with Coach DJ there was an immediate improvement in my son’s batting, both mentally and physically.  Coach DJ has a great knowledge of baseball and more importantly, is able to convey and teach the intricacies of the game to children in an effective and positive manner.  I only wished I had begun private instruction sooner!"
    Constantine Simeonidis
    "If your son is a pitcher or wanting to become a pitcher I recommend Sam Suitca above everyone else. Sam took my son from a kid with shaky confidence and command to a kid who can't wait to be handed the ball in pressure situations. He has better control and location and has even added velocity due to Sam teaching him the proper fundamentals. I will continue to use Sam as Connor's sole pitching coach going forward. "

    Robert Beare

    "Administrating and running a Community Little League has its challenges.  Having a non-profit organization such as Aspring Athletes that is vested and aligned with the Board to meet the player and parent needs helped our league stabilize the enrollment.  We were able to offer a new and different approach to recreational baseball that is attractive to parents and players and at the same time offers a “Community” baseball option that appeals to all levels of players."

    -- Past Lake Mary Little League President Matt Vinson

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    Over 2,500 Athletes in Tradition and counting....

    In today's market of youth sports there are various options available to your athletes for training or playing events. Aspiring Athletes has been "the" name in the market since 2003 that has stood the test of time in regards to athletic performance and positive progression within our programs. We have trained and developed over 2,500 athletes. Aspiring Athletes has offered a premium product for so long due to a very simple yet difficult to duplicate training model. That model is simply to measure each athlete, provide specific feedback to the athlete and then customize and implement a remedy to that player’s set of weaknesses at that time. Players, families and coaches then commit to a long-term vision for their athlete as true technique is learned over time. Athletic careers often end earlier then anticipated however Aspiring Athletes and its premium services are committed to making that journey one of positive coaching and a professional hardworking environment. Responsibility, accountability and character are things any athlete will need beyond the sports world and is the secret sauce in producing coachable athletes, which then become employable citizens of their community.

    -Founder DJ Santiago

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    501(C)3 Organization

    Aspiring Athletes is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2003, aimed at providing private instruction, showcase events, club teams and highly organized group instruction for athletes. The goal is to utilize time, training and working with young athletes to elevate their performance by improving skills in responsibility, accountability and characterAspiring Athletes trainers and coaches have worked with over 2500 athletes in the last decade of service.  The Florida branch was established in 2012 and has had over 300 players come through their Central Florida organization already.  Aspiring Athletes aims at providing private instruction, camps, player academies, dynamic partnerships, and parental seminars. Our highly organized instruction and various experiences  in building organizations and players alike is unmatched in Central Florida. We are truly committed to serving the communities we are involved in by impacting lives and the direction they are headed through the sports world