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    Aspiring Athletes is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2003, aimed at providing private instruction, showcase events, club teams and highly organized group instruction for athletes. The goal is to utilize time, training and working with young athletes to elevate their performance by improving skills in responsibility, accountability and characterAspiring Athletes trainers and coaches have worked with over 2500 athletes in the last decade of service.  The Florida branch was established in 2012 and has had over 300 players come through their Central Florida organization already.  Aspiring Athletes aims at providing private instruction, camps, player academies, dynamic partnerships, and parental seminars. Our highly organized instruction and various experiences  in building organizations and players alike is unmatched in Central Florida. We are truly committed to serving the communities we are involved in by impacting lives and the direction they are headed through the sports world.



    Aspiring Athletes has been offering its highly successful program since 2003 when it was founded in Ohio. In 2012, Aspiring Athletes made its way to Central Florida. Aspiring Athletes is a non-profit organization aimed at providing private instruction, club teams, and highly organized group instruction for athletes 10U-18U. With over 2,500 customers served since 2003, we believe our formula for success has been tested and proven to be effective.


    Our player development model is quite simple, and has been the basis of our successful program since 2003. Aspiring Athletes’ measurement based method of developing athletes allows our players to receive information and feedback that will help drive the training and enhance individual abilities. We have seen various players with a variety of body types achieve substantial and measurable gains through this style of training. The Aspiring Athletes staff and past customers have experienced the growth and success first hand, and encourage you to experience a higher level of training with us.

    "You can’t control what you don't measure!"
    DJ Santiago, Aspiring Athletes Founder


    We are committed to the concept that no two athletes are created equally, and that each player requires an individualized approach in which Aspiring Athletes specializes.  Our personalized approach allows us to focus on a large part of the youth athlete market; "middle tier" athletes that are not on a nationally-covered level. The program is tailored for the athletes who are aware that they deserve the required development to reach their maximum athletic potential. We feel that these are the players who truly need our help and mentorship to make it to the next level within their sport. Our training and development models allow athletes to identify their deficits and focus on improving those prospective areas as they grow within our program. Believing in and committing to athletes for a long-term relationship is our philosophy, as opposed to chasing the next best athlete who may not believe in our foundational beliefs.


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